Makin’ podcasts

If anyone needs any help in creating or distributing podcasts, give me a ring! I’ve been working on a couple lately, and learning a ton. Prayers for Da Bears is my brother’s NFL football related podcast and Doc Talks Stats is my friend David’s basketball stats podcast and video series. Figured out how to get added to iTunes, use some collaborative sound editing software, setup AWS for podcasts, and more. It’s more challenging than it seems!

Album artwork

My pal asked me to do an illustration for some album artwork a little while ago. The only instructionsI had were “bee with flamethrower”. I ended up coloring and finalizing it it AI and PS. Thus:

became thus:

I thought it came out well. It was a CD insert. Looks like their band page is inert at the moment (my CD insert did not save them! Alas!) but here’s a video they did. I’m in it briefly.