Makin’ podcasts

If anyone needs any help in creating or distributing podcasts, give me a ring! I’ve been working on a couple lately, and learning a ton. Prayers for Da Bears is my brother’s NFL football related podcast and Doc Talks Stats is my friend David’s basketball stats podcast and video series. Figured out how to get added to iTunes, use some collaborative sound editing software, setup AWS for podcasts, and more. It’s more challenging than it seems!

Get used to inconsistency!

Work comes slowly or in a manic rush for freelance graphic artists much of the time. If you’ve managed to organize your business to have a steady manageable flow of work, please send me your secrets. I will bake you delicious banana bread. Included: photo evidence. 

Website redesign


I took from a busy, complicated, confusing site and made something straightforward and simple. From a fussy site with the most common comment “What is this about?” to a clear and concise statement with, importantly, 2 clicks to a purchase.

Two weeks, two sites!

I finished HSTSolar last week, so this week I polished off, for my good pal and colleague Glenna, who is currently my favorite person in the world for the steady stream of work she’s provided during this, the winter/spring of my freelancer-hood. Her site has a nice polished feel, and is integrated with Salesforce and Constant Contact. We worked together on content and SEO, and I also helped with the design of her logo and style.

Also, if you need any green energy or solar marketing done, she’s the person to get connected with. She’s about the most tireless and determined person I’ve ever worked with. Screenshot

New site completed- HST Solar

Just week before last I finished off a nice site build for a client, based on WordPress and integrated with Constant Contact. The job was complicated when I had to adjust the original URL in the middle of the process, but keep the old email addresses running, but it came off without a hitch. is live! I helped them out with the look and feel of their logo as well as some alternate configurations to fit better in LinkedIn and other sites.

HST Solar screen cap