It’s been a while!

So I’m in Idaho. I didn’t want to go, but here I am, so I’m going to try and make it work. I’ve been doing everything remote anyway so it’s not like I lost a bunch of contact.

I just finished this site for possibly the nicest person in the world who happens to make terrifying game scenarios (something I like to do too!). Check out her scenario Sorrow In Tsavo, good stuff.

I’ve also done some work for Enevate.

I was briefly employed at a vehicle wrap company in November before I even moved into my house up here. They responded, and I started working, and it seemed to be going great, then I caught Covid. They let me remote work for a while, went on vacation, and after they got back (well beyond the date I was infectious), they told me “they decided to 1099” me, and that they’d be moving to piecework…it was all pretty illegal, but they paid me for the work I did so I just said whatever. It was a huge bummer though, it felt like they were happy with my work. I have to admit though: I’ve never been paid less as an artist in my entire life.

Well that’s all bummer stuff, forget it. I’m forging ahead. If you need anything, drop me a line, I can get your WordPress site up in a day. Don’t buy all the garbage about how long you have to wait for a site: it’s padding. Let’s get your stuff going, now!

Desert time

Been out in Palm Springs even tho the heat is punishing. We tend to work at night since we stay overnight and do an extended siesta of indoors stuff when it’s hottest. Last visit a monsoon blew through, it went from bone dry to horizontal rain to 95 + 45% humidity in about a half hour. Bonkers.

Rain coming. Bottom middle-leftish you can see a vertical line which is straight up torrents of rain. They hit us shortly after this.


Here’s an outdoors mounted piece. I took a photo of the original artwork, imported to Illustrator, did a little path tracing and vectorized the whole thing, then blew it up to about 9′ tall. it’s printed on 5 separate pieces of 3mm Dibond material, a laminate aluminum-plastic-aluminum. So far the color is holding up amazing.

Indoor piece mounted over a fabric-covered wall. We used wire anchors and have it an inch or so away from the wall because the owner promised dire repercussions were we to mar the fabric.

If you need indoor or outdoor artwork created, adapted, updated, edited, or retouched, give me a call. I’ve been using Photoshop since v 1.0 when we got it on a stack of floppy disks about a foot tall. They didn’t even have layers. I can do printed, painted, screened, or projected, wherever you want, whenever you want. I also brainstorm and cogitate on new ideas, so think big! I love nothing more than coming up with a huge, ambitious idea and making it real.

Some work did

Been struggling along getting freelance jobs here and there, sending out tons of resumes. Couple contacts. If you need any help with anything at all design or advertising give me a shout!

Here’s some San Pasqual High merch I did. 

Also we adopted a lil rescue buddy. Ivy really got the short end of this pic. She named him Lord Fluffy.

If you’re in Escondido or anywhere in North County give me a holler, I am an experienced graphic artist, photographer, videographer, editor, copy writer, advertiser, marketer, and so on and so forth. If it’s advertising & marketing I’ve done it. I’ll even host your website! 

Makin’ podcasts

If anyone needs any help in creating or distributing podcasts, give me a ring! I’ve been working on a couple lately, and learning a ton. Prayers for Da Bears is my brother’s NFL football related podcast and Doc Talks Stats is my friend David’s basketball stats podcast and video series. Figured out how to get added to iTunes, use some collaborative sound editing software, setup AWS for podcasts, and more. It’s more challenging than it seems!

Jobbin around

Had a few jobs finish up and out and about looking for more! One fun gig is some gigantic enlargements of artwork for wall installation in a private residence…and I’m talking big, from a few inches across to in one case almost eight feet across, printed on a laminate weather resistant material and mounted outdoors. My brother and I also built the mirror piece on the right, which was conceived by our client (who is pretty creative and cool). 

Outdoor stuff is pretty intimidating, especially in California, because the sun here will mutilate anything very quickly. Hopefully this material holds up to the desert radiation and mutant scorpions and whatnot. 

Also, as usual, totally random things, wordpress sites, high school sports booster hoodie graphics, book editing, etc.

Hit me up if you’re looking for any kind of creative work, or if you’re not sure what you need. Even if I can’t do it for whatever reason I’ll either find someone who can or pretty likely show you how to do it. 

Here’s my baby being all photogenic, to really tug at the heartstrings. Happy Christmas and Hannukah and any other holidays you celebrate. 

Get used to inconsistency!

Work comes slowly or in a manic rush for freelance graphic artists much of the time. If you’ve managed to organize your business to have a steady manageable flow of work, please send me your secrets. I will bake you delicious banana bread. Included: photo evidence. 

Website redesign


I took from a busy, complicated, confusing site and made something straightforward and simple. From a fussy site with the most common comment “What is this about?” to a clear and concise statement with, importantly, 2 clicks to a purchase.

And we start anew

I just learned I am going to be back on the job market very soon, due to reasons quite beyond my control. The parting will be amicable. I’m available for freelance work of all kinds…recently I’ve been experimenting with live streaming of events, I should be able to offer that service soon. Feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for help, art, or just a nice chat.

UCV4HLH7I2 has this, free and clear, at 6000 x 4000 pixels. That’s yoooj

I spent a lot of time for my current work looking for free, not royalty free but free, stock photos for projects. It was kind of eye-opening to see the amount of very high quality stock imagery out there free even for commercial use. I did my best to credit the photographer, even when it wasn’t necessary, because that’s just too cool. Especially for a graphic artist who’s gotten zero budget for two years. I guess technically I’m the manager but I don’t have anything to manage…anyway. This Bootstrapbay post lead me to many kickass sites. I’m constantly overjoyed with the access outstanding photographers give people.

I’m going to be updating the hell out of the site in the coming days. Please come by often!