And we start anew

I just learned I am going to be back on the job market very soon, due to reasons quite beyond my control. The parting will be amicable. I’m available for freelance work of all kinds…recently I’ve been experimenting with live streaming of events, I should be able to offer that service soon. Feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for help, art, or just a nice chat.

UCV4HLH7I2 has this, free and clear, at 6000 x 4000 pixels. That’s yoooj

I spent a lot of time for my current work looking for free, not royalty free but free, stock photos for projects. It was kind of eye-opening to see the amount of very high quality stock imagery out there free even for commercial use. I did my best to credit the photographer, even when it wasn’t necessary, because that’s just too cool. Especially for a graphic artist who’s gotten zero budget for two years. I guess technically I’m the manager but I don’t have anything to manage…anyway. This Bootstrapbay post lead me to many kickass sites. I’m constantly overjoyed with the access outstanding photographers give people.

I’m going to be updating the hell out of the site in the coming days. Please come by often!