It’s been a while!

So I’m in Idaho. I didn’t want to go, but here I am, so I’m going to try and make it work. I’ve been doing everything remote anyway so it’s not like I lost a bunch of contact.

I just finished this site for possibly the nicest person in the world who happens to make terrifying game scenarios (something I like to do too!). Check out her scenario Sorrow In Tsavo, good stuff.

I’ve also done some work for Enevate.

I was briefly employed at a vehicle wrap company in November before I even moved into my house up here. They responded, and I started working, and it seemed to be going great, then I caught Covid. They let me remote work for a while, went on vacation, and after they got back (well beyond the date I was infectious), they told me “they decided to 1099” me, and that they’d be moving to piecework…it was all pretty illegal, but they paid me for the work I did so I just said whatever. It was a huge bummer though, it felt like they were happy with my work. I have to admit though: I’ve never been paid less as an artist in my entire life.

Well that’s all bummer stuff, forget it. I’m forging ahead. If you need anything, drop me a line, I can get your WordPress site up in a day. Don’t buy all the garbage about how long you have to wait for a site: it’s padding. Let’s get your stuff going, now!