And we start anew

I just learned I am going to be back on the job market very soon, due to reasons quite beyond my control. The parting will be amicable. I’m available for freelance work of all kinds…recently I’ve been experimenting with live streaming of events, I should be able to offer that service soon. Feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for help, art, or just a nice chat.

UCV4HLH7I2 has this, free and clear, at 6000 x 4000 pixels. That’s yoooj

I spent a lot of time for my current work looking for free, not royalty free but free, stock photos for projects. It was kind of eye-opening to see the amount of very high quality stock imagery out there free even for commercial use. I did my best to credit the photographer, even when it wasn’t necessary, because that’s just too cool. Especially for a graphic artist who’s gotten zero budget for two years. I guess technically I’m the manager but I don’t have anything to manage…anyway. This Bootstrapbay post lead me to many kickass sites. I’m constantly overjoyed with the access outstanding photographers give people.

I’m going to be updating the hell out of the site in the coming days. Please come by often!

Two weeks, two sites!

I finished HSTSolar last week, so this week I polished off, for my good pal and colleague Glenna, who is currently my favorite person in the world for the steady stream of work she’s provided during this, the winter/spring of my freelancer-hood. Her site has a nice polished feel, and is integrated with Salesforce and Constant Contact. We worked together on content and SEO, and I also helped with the design of her logo and style.

Also, if you need any green energy or solar marketing done, she’s the person to get connected with. She’s about the most tireless and determined person I’ve ever worked with. Screenshot

Just updating

I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, getting sites running, logos logo-ing, and bids flying. My resum√© is going out at a torrid pace as well. As always I appreciate referrals! Everything right now is still in development so there’s nothing I can post quite yet, but when I have something public I can share I definitely will.

I’ve got my Twitter account running now, so you can follow me there if you wish. All posts on this site will show up there, too. I also put together a Thumbtack account if you want to get a bid for a job from me and for whatever reason don’t feel like contacting me directly.

Here’s a shot from Elfin Forest Recreational Area here in Escondido I took last week on a hike. It’s a really beautiful place if you want to check out a hiking spot here in town.

Man cave/office coming up

So we’ve decided the whole office paradigm wasn’t working for us, and my boss and I have set up our own little spots. He likes having an office to go to, I like working from home, thus I have a little home office, since my roommate moved out. So he’s got a one-man office near his house (I think he just likes getting out of the house).

The best part is I get to build a little LA Kings shrine in my new home office, therefore lending it the imprimatur of the mancave. Plus, beer lunch! What could be better! I think I have to be careful not to stay in here too long after hours tho…wife will revolt.