Some work did

Been struggling along getting freelance jobs here and there, sending out tons of resumes. Couple contacts. If you need any help with anything at all design or advertising give me a shout!

Here’s some San Pasqual High merch I did. 

Also we adopted a lil rescue buddy. Ivy really got the short end of this pic. She named him Lord Fluffy.

If you’re in Escondido or anywhere in North County give me a holler, I am an experienced graphic artist, photographer, videographer, editor, copy writer, advertiser, marketer, and so on and so forth. If it’s advertising & marketing I’ve done it. I’ll even host your website! 

Album artwork

My pal asked me to do an illustration for some album artwork a little while ago. The only instructionsI had were “bee with flamethrower”. I ended up coloring and finalizing it it AI and PS. Thus:

became thus:

I thought it came out well. It was a CD insert. Looks like their band page is inert at the moment (my CD insert did not save them! Alas!) but here’s a video they did. I’m in it briefly.