Escondido Graphic Designer and Art Director

Garth Hansen Art Director prepping on set for a photo shootI’ve been living in Escondido, and North County, my whole life, and have a feel for the area and the people who live here. I’ve worked with a vast swath of the businesses and civc organizations, volunteered time and expertise to help local charities, and generally used the skills I’ve acquired as a graphic artist and art director to help as much as I can.

Of course I also do it for a living, and enjoy my work in graphic design quite a bit. I don’t believe good design is a matter of “making something that looks nice”. I believe it’s a matter of effectively communicating what you intend to impart on the intended audience. If you simply try to make nice, you could miss the mark entirely. Bad design doesn’t mean ugly, it means ineffective. That’s where an experienced graphic designer/art director comes in handy, and in Escondido that’s me.

If you’re anywhere in North County, from Escondido to Poway to Oceanside to Cardiff, and you need an art director or graphic artist to help with any kind of visual (or audio!) communications, please, give me a call or drop me a line with the contact form to the right. You’ll be glad you did.